How to cross the Willis Ave Bridge and Enter The Bronx on October 29

On Saturday October 29, 2011 the Prospect Park Track Club will have a supported group run of the last 10 mile of the NYC Marathon Course.  This run is on open roads and sidewalks.  There will be no traffic control.  It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of their surrounding.  It is strongly advised to not use any headphones.  

If you are participating in this run and have not already RSVPed please email, we need to know how many cookies to buy.

We will meet  start at 8am on the Right side of 1st Ave at East 58th Street, under the 59th, Queensboro, Koch Bridge.  This is near a supermarket and a Starbucks.  So if you need buy stuff or use the bathroom that can be done.

The Prospect Park Track Club will move your (TINY) bag from where we start to the parking lot at Tavern on the Green.  PPTC will also have have water, sports drink and other goodies on the left side of 1st Ave between 124th and 125th streets (that is actually under the Triboro RFK Bridge) and at the entrance to Central Park at Engineers Gate, 5th Ave and 90th Street).  We will also have even more goodies in the parking lot at Tavern on the Green.

On Monday, October 24 PPTC volunteers walked over The Willis Ave Bridge. Assuming the construction patters remain the same this is the route to cross from Manhattan to The Bronx.  Don't worry, on Marathon Sunday we run on the roadway.

Getting onto The Willis Ave Bridge is easy.  There is a clearly marked bike / pedestrian path on the LEFT side of the bridge.  Once over the Harlem River there is a clearly marked detour.  It leads to a STAIRCASE 

Then through a fenced in detour and run parallel to the bridge (the orange arrow is chalk, it might not be there on Oct 30.)

Cross under the bridge and make a left

Cross Bruckner Blvd.  (The construction guys said their heavy equipment will not be there on Saturday and the crosswalk will be passable)

Proceed on Willis Ave towards the Mobil Gas Station

Cross the street to the Gas Station and make a left.  You are now on the Marathon Route again.

Continue on 135th Street to Alexander Ave and make a right.  You could be following the Marathon Banners at this point too.

After a few blocks you will make a left on 138th Street (you are making a left at a Police Station)

Pass the Police Station

138th Street leads directly to the Madison Ave Bridge. The actual NYC marathon course goes around a block at Morris Ave. 

I honestly see no value in adding that "dimple" to this run.  I also see no need to leave Central Park and run on 59th Street and then reenter the park and Columbus Circle.  It will be really think with tourists on a Saturday morning and you want to leave some surprised for the big day.

The end of 138th Street looks like this

The bike / pedestrian path is on the RIGHT side of the Madison Ave Bridge

Proceed over the Madison Ave Bridge and make a Left on 5th Ave.

Again, if you are doing this with the Prospect Park Track Club, with another group or on your own, please be careful.  This is not a park.  This is not a closed race course.  This is the world of cars, trucks, bikes, dogs with leashes and baby strollers.  Be aware of your surroundings and be courteous.
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