How to cross the Willis Ave Bridge when you are not with 40,000 other runners and it is closed to auto traffic.

If you are running the last 10 miles of the NYC Marathon on Saturday Oct 30th 2010 you will not be able to cross the Willis Ave bridge the same way you would on Nov 7.  (For a more interesting story click here)

These beautiful people at left told me that there will be no more changes to the pedestrian access between now and Saturday.  They also wish us all good luck.

So, you MUST be on the left side of 1st Ave as you approach 125th Street.  Do not attempt to get directly on the bridge.  It is like a little highway, complete with a high speed entrance from the Harlem River Drive
Below is the view looking North on 1st ave and 125th Street.  (See the new bridge on the right)  Go left and to the left of the barricades....
Turn left as the road turns left
You will see this staircase.  Go up.
Yes up
Follow signs.....
 Up a few more stairs....
Follow more signs..
 You are on the new bridge.  It gets narrow just past that porta pottie. (Is might be unlocked and usable on Oct 30th, it was nice and clean on Oct 27th)
Follow more signs.

Follow more signs.

 Go down stairs....  At the road on the bottom you make a right and go under the bridge.

Under the Bridge is not paved so well

 After going under the bridge turn left

and go to this ramp.. You still have to go over the Degan.

 After that cross the street and get to the gas station

 Turn left and you are back on the Marathon Route

for the rest of the route you can follow these signs.
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