How to run over the Willis Ave Bridge

On Sunday, Oct 25 the Prospect Park Track Club will be running the last 10 miles of the NYC Marathon Course. In the past runners were able to run over the Willis Ave Bridge just like Marathon Sunday (but on the sidewalk). That can not be done anymore. The sidewalk has been removed and replaced with highway ramps from the FDR in Manhattan and the Degan in The Bronx. Nobody should attempt to run on the roadway, it is like a highway.

The ramps on both sides of the bridge have been replaced with staircases. My attempt to document them is below. Please note, I took these pictures on Thursday, Oct 22. Things might change by Oct 25. A member of PPTC who walked over the bridge today will be at our aid station at 125th street on Sunday.

To cross the bridge and resume the NYC Marathon Route follow these instructions.

You must approach the bridge from the left side of First Ave. Go to the left of the bridge

Bear left when you reach the FDR
Go up the stars. They will lead to the bridge and you will cross the Harlem River

After crossing the river you will see this sign. Make a left and god down the stairs

This is the bottom of the stairs. TURN RIGHT AND GO UNDER THE BRIDGE.


Go over the Degan on the foot bridge

After the foot bridge cross the street and turn left. This is what you will see. This resumes the NYC Marathon Course.
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