I can't keep up the all the people blogging about the Cherry Tree (Update XVII)


Click here for a photo gallery (you can add your own too!)

For one Race Director's point of view check this out.

I gave Majo a bullhorn. Who knew?

Brooklyn Running gave credit where credit was due. You are welcome!

Found some comments on the Runner's World forum and here too

3:59:59. Bitches banged out a 7:40 pace. Boom

Some great photos form the Dashing Wippits can be found here and their pre and post race chit-chat can be found here

Adventureartist ran a 22:30 5K without training.

The Runner's Kitchen did not want to get up at 6 am to run. (I am used to that)

gzambran did not like that wind going up the hill.

Jennifer L hat a PR by 8 minutes.

A-Diddy had a lot of equipment problems but a good time anyway

Peter Priolo thought our hill is a molehill compared to some trail ultras" but he would up sucking wind near the top. Yea, that is why we call it Zoo Hill, because people make animal noises when they run up.

ALF2617 Noticed that our hills always come with a head wind. But this runner took advantage of the downhills and broke 1:20!

Norma was 12 minutes faster than last year!! Wat to go!!! (and took a great photo of some of Prospect Park's swans). and here.

Coach Cane reported on his whole team!

NSQ had many reasons to have a "glass half empty" attitude but instead took the glass half full approach!

The Running Laminator had a 16 mile worm up for our 10 mile race. Well, he miss our race, I think he deserves an award for his effort.

@cdonahue twittered about the race. (I am still trying to figure out how that works)

Kenny Baldo Had a huge PR and then went out to L&B Spumoni Gardens for some pizza. Good choice!

Bridges Runner is a streaker. We gotta start giving out new awards!

A-Ditty had trouble with here watch but a great time anyway. This is what she wore.

Frank conquered the weather. He is Hardcore! He also came back a week later and liked it so much he asked "why there are not more races in Prospect Park."

The Running Gourmad met an old high school buddy (Hay, you went to Lafayett, I went to Sheepsheed) and the race and then joined him for a dip at Coney Island. So much for everyone complaining about the cold.

Kanoshiro only ran the one leg of the relay but had a 18.26 mile day. Like!

Dogpound used some excitement the relay area provided to accelerate.

Kristan Lucas warmed up by "warm up was disjointed- started with running from my apt to Duane Reade, into the subway, across the transverse in the park all while holding 5 bags of race materials." Next year you can help me clean up after the race too.

You can listen to people talk about the Cherry Tree here

We made the news in Staten Island

Tracy did not run. That's OK, too.

Over and Across only mentioned it in passing.

The North Brooklyn Runners have a great slide show!

Jeen in Eat, Sleep, Run Disney thought three times up the hill "wasn't as horrible as I had imagined." I will take that as a complement. But look at her blog. She has a great photo of my butt. Yes, I am the dude in the orange vest.

David Lin has another photo of my back in his blog. But this Photoshop is cooler. -------->

South Brooklyn had a good showing! and they demonstrated their understanding of chip timing here.

seanv2 is back on the mend. We are glad to provide the means for that.

The Wannabees and Former Track Stars posted some photos and videos.

TK understood that the first leg of the relay was about 2 millimeters shorter than the other two legs.

Coach JGB reports that Jack Jake did awesomely well

Hills are my Friends filled in for a friend at the last minute and ran the relay. She ran her own race and "went out last Sunday and ran my own “race”, taking it nice and slow" because she is newly ....... pregnant. I am really happy for her.

I just found We The Runners. He (I think) did the best he could and won his age group!! Yay you. That is whay we will keep this small.

Lindsey had a slight hangover so it took her 5 miles to be ready to kick butt.

It is November of 2011 and I just found this. It is an interview with me about the 2010 race!

It 2012 and I just found this from Frank in North Queens Runner. He knows parking by Prospect Park is not so bad.

Give some paw to Sophie

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