I resumed training (judiciously) in the spring of 2009

After a 10+ year hiatus from running, I resumed training (judiciously) in the spring of 2009. By July I was feeling confident enough to enter the last two Al Goldstein 5Ks and was overjoyed to finish the first at a sub 10 minute pace and knock another 45 seconds per mile off the second race. It was such a great feeling to rejoin the running community that I immediately sent in my dues to both the PPTC and the NYRRC. Besides, I thought I could serve as a role model for slightly younger running fathers (and mothers) of twins who had attended PS 321 in Park Slope!

I kept going and was approaching 10K by Thanksgiving. Then my right knee started to hurt, a lot, more and more, and not just when I ran. I got a fancy knee brace and started icing regularly but soon I was spending more time treating the pain than actually running. I finally dragged myself to an orthopedist who delivered the bad news: torn cartilage. I could do physical therapy, stop running and probably walk around relatively pain free. Or, if I wanted to resume running, it was time to get my knee "scoped" and clean out the gunk. I might lose the summer, but I could be running again by the fall.

So that's why I'm sitting here today, July 14, six hours after the procedure, with my leg up, wrapped in an ice pack, hurting like hell but expecting that, after 4 to 6 weeks of rehab, I'm be back doing my laps of Prospect Park just in time for some beautiful fall running. And I'll still be able to beat my 16-year-old twins! Lucky for me, their 19-year-old brother will be back at college because I don't stand a chance against him anymore.

Murray Rosenblith