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Welcome to this week’s installment of Inside the Earbuds of…

She's got a bun in the oven and it ain't keeping her out of the gym. Just because this soon-to-be Mama is in "delicate condition" it doesn't mean that she's been rocking it softly. Shontay Butler's playlist is anything but tame. Enjoy!

ShontayPPTCphotoYou wouldn't believe how important my music and earbuds have been to me this last year. As I write this I am 9-months pregnant! During my pregnancy I've been keeping fit on the dreadmill, elliptical machine and a stationary bike -- and while all of that is good for me and our baby -- it's bo-bo-boring! That is when a good workout playlist will inspire and motivate me to keep the momentum going. Anyone who knows me is aware that I absolutely LOVE to sing and dance, so naturally I sing along to some of my favorite songs during my workouts. Yes, I am that annoying person at the gym. I can't help but let out a "hee-hee" or an "owe" when I listen to MJ (Michael Jackson). Although I currently lack the coordination I once had -- I carefully give a little fist pump or head-bob when I'm rocking out on the elliptical. I have quite the eclectic collection of music ranging from hip-hop, dance, heavy metal, R&B, alternative -- you name it! My playlist might be the only place you’ll hear Depeche Mode followed by Notorious B.I.G then Marilyn Manson! During my tempo run pace I like to keep it fun with a little Missy Elliot and when I am pushing it, I crank up my "angry music" and Rage Against the Machine never fails. And the thing that never fails to gets me to the end of my workout is "Victory" with Notorious B.I.G., P. Diddy and Busta Rymes. The song title says it all! A hop-hop legend rapping to the Rocky theme gets my blood pumping as I visualize myself crossing the finish line -- even if, in reality, I am sitting on a stationary bike at a level 5 intensity! I hope you enjoy and are entertained with my playlist as much as I am!
1. Goodie Mob - Fight to win
2. Jessie J - Laser light
3. Kanye West - Power
4. Michael Jackson - Wanna be starting something
5. Madonna - 4 minutes
6. Jay Z & Kanye West - No church in the wild
7. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
8. Kayne West - Monster
9. Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
10. Michael Jackson - Don't stop til you get enough
11. Missy Elliot - Lose Control
12. Florence and the Machine - (Spectrum) Say my name
13. Puff Daddy & The family - Victory
14. Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade
15. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
16. Common - Southside

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