Interview with Irva: Niles by Paul Soskind

Interview with Irva: Niles

P.S:.You've been PPTC member for about three years: were we your intro to running?

Irva: Actually, I've been running since high school in Grenada, but began to compete again when I joined PPTC. I joined after watching my cousin Veronica Antoine participates in a Summer Speed race.

P.S:. So what kind of running did you do in high school?

Irva: I ran the 200 mostly: after that I didn't do sprinting' I ran for fitness.

P.S:. What have you accomplished by joining PPTC?

Irva: I have gone much further than I could have imagined; from 5k to 5 miles; from that to half marathons and finally the NYC Marathon last fall.

P.S:. Has being a PPTCer had something to do with this?

Irva: From the day I joined, I've found people to train with, gotten encouragement and advice, help and support.

P.S:. How do feel our club could improve?

Irva: One thing would be to expand the scope of the coached sessions so that the slower runners could avail themselves of the workouts, attention and evaluation of a coach who would help them with their form and training so they could bring their running up to the next level.

P.S:. We appreciate and value your experiences and insights; many thanks.