It's time to vote: 2013 PPTC Elections

The 2013 PPTC elections are here. Voting begins today and the online ballot will remain open through April 29th. Single members are entitled to one ballot, family members to two. The link to vote was sent to all current members from this morning.

Below are the statements of intent for the candidates.

Candidate for Presisdent

Tom Meany (Incumbent)


-I have been privileged and honored to be your President since 2007.

-A member since 1980, Board member since 1997

-The Club has grown in every positive dimension; the Armory for training, online clothing, great new banners, Turkey Trots of 2,500, Cherry Trees of close to 1,500, Speed Series of 200’s, women & men’s team leaders, Club Team Championships of 70+, updated Newsletter and website, Awards Celebrations of close to a 100, contributing to improved safety in the Park, and financially stable, 700+ members.

-The goal of my leadership remains to improve the quality of each member’s membership, and not the quantity of members.

-I humbly request the opportunity of continuing as your President.

Tom Meany

Candidate for Vice President

Michael Ring (Incumbent)

Dear Teammates.

I have been a member of the PPTC Board in one way or another since the '90s.  Last year I filled the position of Vice President when it's occupant moved away.  I am now chair of the Membership Committee and sit on the Race Committee and Technology Committee.  I would like to be officially elected to the position of Vice President so I can continue to serve the Prospect Park Track Club.

Candidate for Secretary

Anne Perzeszty (Incumbent)


I ask for your vote for re-election to the position of Secretary.

I have been a member of PPTC since 1993 and, in the past; have served as PPTC vice president and as president for the years 1998-2006.    I have continued to be involved, especially as co-director of the Turkey Trot and as a member of the Race committee.  Running and PPTC have earned my loyalty because the sport changed my life and the Club enhanced it.

As the Club’s Secretary since 2011, my primary responsibility has been the Club’s minutes, being mindful of their importance as official and legal documents.  This perspective has been developed by my staffing of a non-profit Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.  In the capacity, I continue to be responsible for the minutes that are reviewed by the agency’s counsel.  I also believe my involvement in every aspect of the Club’s governance over a long period of time when we experienced and embraced change brings with it a perspective on what is possible as we look toward the future.

My vision for the next two years is to organize PPTC’s important documents in such a way that the rich history of the Club is preserved and is accessible.

Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate for Treasurer

Doug Olney (Incumbent)

In a sentence I get to write once every two years, I am pleased to submit my name as a candidate for the position of PPTC Treasurer for another term.

When writing this same statement in 2011, I indicated that the club achieved a significant financial milestone when our annual income and expenses both exceeded $100,000 for the first time.  Well, in just two short years, our annual income and expenses are approaching the $150,000 level.  This is just one measure of PPTC’s continued success.

It is amazing how our club has grown and prospered over the years.  We have more members than ever before.  The popularity of all of our races continues to increase – even the Summer Speed Series, which is supposed to be a “low key” event, now attracts well over 100 people to each race. Thanks to Coach Tony Watson, our training programs are resulting in faster times for our runners and new racing opportunities that we never considered in the past.  Finally, we have a new website and a growing menu of activities for our members.  What’s best about our club is that all of this has been accomplished due to the dedicated efforts of volunteers, who generously give of their time.

It is a privilege to be a member of PPTC and a club officer.  The ongoing responsibility for our club's finances can be a challenge at times, but it is a task that I am happy to continue to fulfill - with your approval, of course.  Thank you.

Doug Olney

Candidates for Director (2 openings)

Matt Strawn

Greetings to all PPTC voting members.  My name it Matt Strawn and I am seeking one of the open PPTC board positions in the upcoming election.

When I first moved to Brooklyn, I had very little understanding of local running clubs and had no idea that New York had such a vibrant running scene with several dozen large, active, and competitive clubs. It shouldn't have come as a surprise in a city of this size, but I could have never imagined at that time how much being involved in a running club could mean to my running and relationships - both with friends that I've made in PPTC and in a larger sense, to a community of people who live in the neighborhoods surrounding Prospect Park, where a majority of our members live

It is with these relationships in mind that I am seeking to further establish myself within the ranks of active PPTC members.  My first race as a committed, involved member was the Coogan's 5K in March, 2011.  I remember being thrilled at the time that my race counted in the results for our men's team in this NYRR points race.  For the first time since playing organized sports in high school, I belonged to a team, had a uniform, coaches (hello Tony and Charlene!), and an outlet for my lifelong desire to compete and develop whatever amateur athlete lives in me.  In July, 2012, men's team leader Tom Tobin introduced me as our men's co-team leader and I've committed myself to leading by example by competing in many of the points races and other higher profile races in and around the City, always proudly wearing our PPTC red and white.

It was an honor to receive the 2012 President's Award at our annual awards celebration in February. There are a lot of exciting things happening within PPTC in 2013.  New committees have sprung up, many talented and creative types (who also happen to be avid runners) have been contributing to the PPTC website/blog, newsletter, and in organizing social events.  I believe I have a good understanding of what makes our club a great one -- and what can be done to continue to grow and improve PPTC, all while keeping focus on what makes PPTC great: community, relationships, and of course running, including the competitive aspect for those of us who have goals to run faster and challenge ourselves to see just how good our personal bests can be.  Sincere thanks for your anticipated votes!

Keith Williams

Fellow members: I appreciate your consideration for one of the open Director positions.

I joined PPTC in November 2011. My first full winter as a runner was fast approaching, so I looked for a group to inspire me to keep up my habit through the doldrums.

Becoming a member was one of the best decisions I ever made. My friends in red push me to work harder on the course, yet lead fascinating lives – and, dare I say, are fun – when wearing “real” clothing. I’ve learned how to organize our high-quality events as part of the Race Committee. Coach Tony’s workouts have turned me into a speed demon.

I want more people to experience this great club. I’ve begun to expand our reach with my guidance of the website, which now has new articles every day, broadening our audience and highlighting the diversity of our membership. As a Director, I’ll use this and other outlets (such as the new Social Committee) to further call attention to all PPTC has to offer.

This diversity is one major reason I love being a part of – and volunteering for – PPTC. We have wily veterans and neophytes. We have social butterflies and wallflowers. We have sub-3:00 marathoners, ultra runners, power-walkers, and weekend warriors. This special combination is part of our club’s DNA, and we must nurture it by attracting new members who will appreciate our approach.

I thank you for all you’ve taught me over the past sixteen months, and I look forward to serving you as a Director.

Elections Committee