Maggie's all over the place

It seems every race you look up, Maggie Deschamps is there, hoarding sub 21 5Ks like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. In fact, at Good Shepherd it was just 16 seconds short of sub 20. James McFarlane was the only PPTC runner close enough to see the bridge on her back. Last night at the 4th Al Goldstein 5K, she was again first PPTC accross, and again under 21.
Let's take notice of Danielle Hansen as well, who's been storming the finish line in her age group. She liked that "most improved" trophy she got last year. Rumors are that she brings her children to the races as an incentive to run faster. "You stay right here, and don't move. Mommy will be right back..."
Frank DeLeo and Gil Torres continue their quest for bragging rights in the same 5 year age group this year, with Frank legging a 9 second edge last night. Both have been frustrated by failed efforts to negotiate discounted entry fees using their AARP memberships.