Marathon Afterthoughts

What a day! The weather was cool (cold at the start) and sunny. The PPTC delivered its precious cargo in plenty of time to take advantage of the port-o-sans and maybe even the World's Longest Urinal - and maybe more than once. Thanks to Michael Ring for his tenacity in making the breathing life into the marathon reception, run the event and take pictures along the route. Talk about multitasking! Of course, Al Goldstein who was the architect of the reception back in the day was at his post at the bus stop at 5 a.m. to take the runners bags to the school later in the day. Richard Weaver, PPTC Volunteer Coordinator,

At the school, Susan Tomasi, chair of the PPTC board, worked the room liked a pol, getting people to volunteer for the Turkey Trot. Julio Zavala was the food guru again, making sure that there was enough hot water for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, whatever. Pres Tom Meany, aided and abetted by wife Pat, got equipment and Julio to the school even before the custodian was on site. Mike Rieman
Meaghan Horner