The Turkey Trot Blogisphere...

Hay, It is Whatyoudonotknowbecauseyourarenotme guest blogging for the Prospect Park Track Club. Here is my Turkey Trot Race Report.

Everybody's race results can be found here.

The Runner's World forum is getting long, looks like people had a good time.

We got a shout out out from Brooklyn Running

Guvea told the world in the Brooklynian Forum that he loved the race

Brooklyn Runner gave us some free publicity and even got positive feed back on his site regarding our race.

Curlygirl posted a great race review on Runango Running Forum. Looks like she missed the start! It is OK, lots of people did.

Time Out New York gave us some pre-race publicity but they said the race was to be in Central Park. I hope nobody got lost!!!

Brooklyn Garden Hopeful put the medal on the dog Enzo, cute!

NYMetroParents said “Families can celebrate Thanksgiving watching the Prospect Park Track Club. The Turkey Trot is an annual Brooklyn tradition.” I hope some families participated.

One happy finisher published her photos on Flicker. If you scroll around you

can find our ‘Santa”.

Only The Blog Know Brooklyn gave us credit for “almost 2000 runners”. Wow, I guess she counted Live to Run.

Live to Run ran like a bandit, its ok, but I don’t think we ran out of numbers. It is a fundraiser! PPTC will be ok, but you should send Bishop Ford $10. (Sorry, Live to Run, I just found out we did run out of numbers, I hope you had fun)

Alana Taylor said she was gonna run the race, she did not say in her blog if she did. I looked her up, she did!!!

Coyboy Hazel realized that there is no need to grab water during a 5 mile race. I agree.

Runnin’ Down

a Dream had a great time (and took some nice pictures!!)

There is a race report in from a blog in a language that might be Chinese, Japanese, Korean or maybe something else, but there are nice pictures!

Somebody wrote a fictional essay about the New York Road Runners Marathon called the Turkey Trot. Really

A +G had a great time, scroll down a little to see their happy running poses!

My Favorite Run member Watthree mapped our race at 4.95 miles! (he also listed the race in Manhattan?

Citi Coach was proud of their results

The Nike Central Park Track Club congratulates our on son of a member Noah Lansner for getting a PR.

Our own Gil had a very focused race, He stayed "in the moment" for the whole race

And because my blog, had a link to a blog that announced that the Turkey Trot results were up, it came up in my search of Turkey Trot blogs???

Did I miss your blog, or your comment on some newsgroup? Send it to me at and I will add it to the list.

OMG, I missed the coolest blog, our own Amy in the Moment , not only a great Turkey Trot post, but a blog worth bookmarking!!!

Found another one!! Elizabeth was very proud of herself. And she really enjoyed Prospect Park

Yet one more!!!! Anuday ran with Uptal. They were happy to see our Santa Click on A New Day and scroll down for a nice photo.

It is after Christmas and I found one more CNY found computation where he thought there was none
Meaghan Horner