Notice of Election: April 2014

If you've wanted to serve on our Board of Directors, here is your opportunity! There will be two seats open in this cycle, allotted as follows:

  • The candidate who receives the most votes will serve for three years. This seat is held by Nicole Importico and is due to expire.
  • The candidate who receives the second-most votes will serve for one year. Jason Horowitz has resigned his seat, and his replacement will fill the remainder of his term, expiring April 2015.

To declare your candidacy, please send a Letter of Intent to by Wednesday, March 19. To be eligible, you must have one year of service to the club (i.e., you must have been a member in March 2013).

If you'd like to volunteer to help with this election, please email

Balloting will take place online, with the voting period ending April 6. More details will follow on March 20.

Click here to read our by-laws.

Keith Williams Chair, Elections Committee

Keith Williams