The Inside Loop - March 2014

The Abrons Arts Center is proud to present the solo exhibition of PPTC runner and artist Sean Micka, Condition Report: Deregulation, from February 7 – March 16. Sean, a current Whitney ISP fellow (2012-2013 and 2013-2014), presents a series of paintings based off of Landsat imagery of Antarctica, the Amazon and Saudi Arabia. His work focuses on late-capitalism as a 24/7 phenomena, as well as the accumulation of wealth and uneven geographic development. By examining the ways in which the landscape and animal species have been exploited towards human utility and economic need, Sean, through the criteria of geography, visually formalizes the internal contradictions that structure hegemonic orders. Mickey Newman was awarded at Joe Leahy's Brooklyn Shamrocks Running Club's Brunch earlier February, congrats Mickey!!

Thanks to Peggy Casey for her caring and for her contribution of time, energy, and resources as she helped coordinate the funeral arrangements at Duffy's Funeral Home on 9th Street and 4th Ave. and at Holy Name Church for long time Windsor Terrace neighbor Helen Geiser on February 13th.

PPTC's Masters Men Millrose 4 X 400m Relay Team ran a PR time of 4:31.87 for 6th place at the 168th Street Armnory at this years NYRRC Millrose Games.Congrats to PPTC runners Doug Briggs,Justin Burke,Michael Abrahams (alternate in place of Scot Spratford),Andrei Fleurasu, and Tim Shields who was available as alternate.Thanks also to our great cheering PPTC section dispersed throughout the stands and trackside who came out to show support. A great day!!!!!

Congratulations to the Prospect Park Youth Runners boys and girls aged 11-12 4x200 Relay Teams. Both teams rerturned to Brooklyn with Gold after February's Millrose at the 168th Street Armory In Manhattan. Congrats to Sean Rice and Fi and staff for all their hard work at getting these young runners to this level. They are the future!!!

And speaking of Millrose 2014, thanks to PPTC members and friends Wayne Bailey, Trey Heard, Mike Potter, Sid and Asteria Howard, Janice Fuld, Patty Chong Tenn,and Paula Vandenes for their volunteer efforts with USADA's drug testing at this event.

It was my good fortune to recognize and then converse with past PPTC president John Roselli out on eastern Long Island in late February. "Alive and well," John sends his regards to all.

PPTC congrats to longtime PPTCer and now Shore Road Strider's Nelson Broat and his fiancée, Sokha, on their recent engagement. Thanks to SRS Phil Vazquez for this good news!

Great for PPTC to receive an email from Stan Zaslau about his memories of his dad, David Zaslau, an original PPTCer since the 1970's who passed away in 2011 from Alzheimer's. David began running because he heard on the radio that running was good for your health. He would run up and down the block and would hear remarks such as "Dave, where are you running to?" He would reply to them and say "it is good for your health and good for your heart." Those were back in "the young days" of Jack Stetch, Al Puma and of course Coach Harry Murphy whom both Dad David and son Stan found to be such an inspiration to all. Stan remembers Harry was easy to talk to even at his tender age of 15.

Dad David ran in 18 NYC Marathons. Father and son's first running together marathon was in 1982 when Stan was 16 and the youngest official competitor that year (of course for PPTC). Stan even remembers that PPTC had a bus to drive PPTC marathoners over the bridge to the start in Staten Island even back then!!!!

Since Dad's passing in 2011 Stan has taken the PPTC torch and run with it wherever he goes in his PPTC gear. "I want to finish at least a half marathon in all 50 states -- 29 down so far. I have completed 16 NY Marathons and 42 marathons overall. It is so special to take PPTC around the country with me when I race. I am taking Dad along with me as well as the spirit of such a special club. I have his original PPTC singlet in my office. I also have one of my original half mesh PPTC top. Although now faded and stretched out, the great memories of the club and Brooklyn will always remain."

Stan's a run/walker at present and does e-coaching with Jeff Galloway since he finds it is the only way he will be able to complete his marathon streak injury free. Run a little and walk a little, the method works well for him. Stan signs off as "a PPTCer for life".

PPTC sympathies and sincerest condolences to PPTC friends and Shore Road Striders Kathy Gilhuley and Mike Mark on the sad,tragic, and untimely death of Kathy's brother Patrick in early March.

Tom Byrnes