PPTC was saddened to learn of the death of Brian Casey,Noleen Casey -Tomasi’s da’, and Peggy Casey’s brother. PPTC sympathies to Noleen, Peter, sons Harry, Liam, and Andrew, Peggy Casey, and Derick and Diane Casey, as well as family in Ireland. Let’s keep Brian Casey in our thoughts and prayers.

Great to see Gil Torres and company spearheading the Saturday morning new runners group.

Heard that Doug Olney treated himself to a new Bianchi road bike for his recent birthday. Older but faster!

PPTC was in the house at Joe Leahy’s Brookyln Shamrock’s pre NYC marathon pasta dinner at Buckley’s restaurant the Thursday before the marathon. Thanks again for the PPTC invite Joe! ‘’Ultra Al’‘ Prawda was the last man standing as Joe presented an award to the runner who had run the most marathons lifetime. Paul Soskind was among the finalists but Al took the prize! If I told you how many marathons he says he’s run, lifetime, , you wouldn’t believe me so ask Al himself.

And speaking of Paul Soskind, the man is hard at work putting together PPTC’s presentation for PPTC’s anniversary celebration in 2010. PPTC goes back to the ‘’days when ‘ but I hear that Paul and committee are planning to synthesize memories from PPTC’s distant past, ancient history past, and if possible, pre historic past as well. Hey, we be old !

Didn’t PPTC’s three busses to the start of the NYC Marathon in Fort Wadsworth establish some kind of a PPTC milestone. Getting to 9th street and PPW at 545am also established some kind of a record but hey, remember, records are made to be broken so watch out in 2010. PPTC might be camping out across the street in the park behind the bandshell.!

Tom Touhey should be more of a familiar figure on the inside loop with his family’s recent move to Windsor Terrace. Bye bye Marine Park, hello Prospect Park !

Hope you haven’t run out of patience waiting for the YMCA to open the Park Slope Armory facilities on 8th ave and 15th street. The view to the 8th street side of the building doesn’t indicate any digging’s going on for the Y’s new olympic size pool facility . For ten points, who sang that oldies song, “ Any Day Now............” Are you in for the Turkey Trot? Opportunities abound to volunteer as well as run it so check it out! If

PPTC makes it happen , PPTC needs you to make it happen. PPTC runners that head over to NYRRC races in Central Park are wondering what kind of changes are in store at events with NYRRC’s new medical director Dr. Stuart Weiss at the helm. Thanks to Dr. Louis Maharam for all of his years at NYRRC.

PPTC ‘s Wayne Bailey, Tom Byrnes, Marilyn Bucich, Natacha Ferrari, Maria Green, and Junior Passee volunteered with the USADA ‘s drug testing program at this years NYC marathon. This year blood sampling was also employed. Interesting !

In case you haven’t seen her out in the roads, Emma Roman is back in the hood looking as sleek as ever!

None other than PPTC’s own Carolyn Kubitschek made the front page of the New York Law Journal earlier in October. Thanks to Sandy Ferrari for passing this along.

If you can swim in a pool , ride an exercise bike, and run on a treadmill, you might want to open the door to the world of indoor triathalons. Coordinated by Jack Rabbit in coordination with various YMCA’s , these are fun ( really !!! ) and a valuable way to keep your training up throughout the winter months. Maggie Deschamps,,Tom Byrnes, Clair Doherty and other PPTC members have done these in years past. Check out the Jack Rabbit site for schedule, locations, costs, and more information..

Still have guests staying over after the NYC marathon? When are they ever going to leave! Tell them its time to go home, after all, you have to start training for 2010.

See you on the roads
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