A unique event ,  the JackRabbit Indoor Triathlon Series  gives athletes of all levels a chance to race a triathlon during a New York winter. Swim for 10 minutes in a pool , bike for 30 minutes on a spin bike, and run for 20 minutes on a tredmill  to  see how far you can go! Already in its seventh season, the Indoor Triathlon is a great way for experienced triathletes to compete and stay fit during the off season and is also a great introduction to the sport for beginners. Jack Rabbit puts on a number of these events at YMCA’s throughout the city, check it out!  
PPTC’s  Mazel Tovs to Jesse Lansner and Elizabeth Call who were married on the Boardwalk at Coney Island by Surrogate Margarita Lopez-Torres on October 9, 2010.   2010 is a great year for Jesse’s parents Carolyn and Dave; first their son  Noah  and Devon Martin who were married in 2008  had a daughter Blythe on May 23 and now Jesse and Elizabeth’s marriage.
Sorry to learn that Tyrone Sklaren broke his hip recently  Word is that he’s rehabbing  at full steam and spinning furiously to stay in shape.
On the radar, Diane Clarke !  And  can you believe her son Dwayne is ten years old!
The Rally to Support the New Prospect Park West!  Thursday October 21 at 8am at GAP and Union ,   Wayne Bailey, Mike Ring in his PPTC jacket and camera in hand, ,PPTC friend  Joanne  Guralnick toting left overs from a recent Peter Luger’s dinner in her bike sack,  Tom Byrnes, and lots of others who gave me the look that said ''I know you but can’t put your name with your face.'' ……..heard though  that some PPTCers  don’t like the new PPW bike lane configuration…
Bobby Fisher wrapped up his season with Sunday October 24th’s’’ Tour Da’ Bronx’’ biking  the more than 45 miles
of  ‘’scenic’’  Bronx terrain.
Saturday October 30th, 42 degrees in central Park according to the weather reports, tons of  runners, PPTC members, friends, and guests, all assembled at 59thstreet and 1st Ave for PPTC’s annual ‘’last ten miles of the NYC Marathon Run !!  How did it go?  Ask anyone who was there! Patti Perlo said it all when she  expressed her many thanks to all those PPTC members for their time and energies in making this happen..Diana, Cecil, Julio, Anne, Krishna, Doug, Veronica, Megan, and Richard.   
Congratulations to the winners of this year's Brooklyn Triple Crown
awards. Winners were picked by adding their combined finishes at the
Kenny Dolan 5K, Cosme's Boardwalk 5K, and the Chris Hoban 5M.
Representing PPTC among the winners were:
Maggie DesChamps (2nd), Danielle Hansen (3rd) and Marvlyn Baptiste
(4th) Women 40-49 group.
Charlene Kohler-Britton (5th) Women 50-59.
James McFarlane (4th) Men 50-59
Gil Torres (2nd) Men 60-69
Mickey Newman (3rd) Men 70-79 
In addition to the individual awards, PPTC also took 1st place in the women's open team and men's master's team. We could have also taken 1st in the women's master's team but it was reported that there was some inconsistency in our team division.  Don’t have all  the details about that but stay tuned. Congrats to everyone who participated and to all our winners!
Thanks  to Joe Leahy , the Brooklyn Shamrocks, and the staff and family of Buckley’s restaurant, Nostrand Ave and Ave S,  for putting on and inviting PPTC to  the um-teenth  annual pre-NYC marathon pasta dinner on Thursday November 4th.  PPTC was in the house! Word is that we will be invited back in 2011 given the fact that this year PPTC members did not start any fights, attempt to steal any silverware, did not attempt to walk off with anyone else's coat or leather jacket, and did not instigate any food fights.
Late breaking news is that PPTC ‘s two coached training sessions under Tony Watson will join Sean Rice’s Prospect Park Youth Runners as well as the Midwood HS fast females at the 15th Street Armory this coming winter season. Not all on the 200m track at the same time but all under the same roof as the winter storms and frigid temps kick up outside.  
As they say in Atlanta Georgia, Happy Daylite Savings time y’all.  See you on the roads!
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