Our favorite GPS maps in Prospect Park

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to our GPS contest! We're proud to announce our favorite three. Third place: Rahmin Pavlovic, "Friendly 5K"

Rahmin Pavlovic Friendly 5K in Prospect Park

My goal, at the time, was to find 5K in the park that was all downhill. I was endlessly amused when the route was in the shape of a '5'. I never ran the uphill version.

Second place: Linus Ly, "Dumbo"

Linus Ly Dumbo in Prospect Park

I went a tad out of the way to make the hind leg more pronounced. The ear is not as properly done as I'd like. The notches on the short trunk should get me some extra points, if there are such things. The eye looks like it was misplaced by Pablo Picasso, but that's what I got for forgetting to enable GPS on the Android phone.

First place: Andy Wong, "Newbie in the Park: Where is Bartel-Pritchard Square???"

Andy Wong Newbie Run in Prospect Park

Keith Williams