PPTC Domanates the Pepper Martin 5 Mile Run

From our coach:

Dear Peppers,
Congratulations on this 4th of July for your performance at the Pepper Martin race this morning.
PPTC Masters Women took 1st place team awards. Emily, Maggie & Danielle made up the winning Masters team, and 3rd Masters team men with Tony, Tom & Frank.
Also bringing home more hardware were:
Emily Sanderson - 2nd woman overall and 1st place age group
Danielle Hansen-2nd age group
Coralie (CoCo) Dartigues - 2nd age group
Maggie Deshamps- 1st age group
Tony Watson- 3rd age group
Also running like the dickens were Krishna, Corre, Ami, Brad, Tom, Alex, Michael, Charlene & in the very important cheering section, (that made all the difference, Really!!, Cristin and our littlest Pepper, Kieran!!
A good day was definitely had by all. Next year we'll get the Open (we missed two runners for taking that category)
Overall good turnout; great day!
Happy 4th,
Coach & Charlene

Click here for photos from Frank.

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In front was 43-year old Emily Sanderson of Brooklyn, who has run this race for the last three years.

For complete results look here at finishers # 44, 55, 68, 73, 104, 111, 126, 139, 140, (teamwork!) 151, 198, 209, 317, and 462.