PPTC has a Vice Presidency and a Director’s position currently vacant

PPTC has a Vice Presidency and a Director’s position currently vacant. The Vice President’s term will expire in April 2011, the Director’s position in April 2012.

Candidates for these positions must be club members for a full year to be eligible, and not represent any other running clubs in competition.

Both positions entail a monthly meeting, normally on Monday nights at 7 pm.
Board members and officers are responsible among other things for setting club policies, operating procedures, financial decisions, and participating in the general organization of committees and club functions.
You need not differentiate between your intention to run for either VP or Board Director. The candidate with the most votes will be named to the office of VP with an option to decline.

Please submit a statement declaring your intention to run to Gil Torres, club secretary, by Friday, December 18th.

Email your statement to gtorres@msains.com and write “Intention to Run for Office” on the subject line.
Your statement should read:

“I would like to submit my intention to run for the position of Board Director of the Prospect Park Track Club.”

Additionally, list any qualifications that you feel make you suitable for the office.
After the 18th, announcements will be made for voting procedures.

Gil Torres, Secretary
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