PPTC Team Racing in 2011

In an effort to increase PPTC presence at key Brooklyn, NYRR and other local races, Lynda Mules and Tom Tobin have stepped up to lead the women's and men's teams in 2011.  Lynda and Tom are developing details for a team approach to racing that will solidify PPTC as the dominant Brooklyn running club and a top club in the New York area.

PPTC can clean up at local races, as we've demonstrated in recent years.  Here are just a few examples:
  • Bed Stuy 10K, 2009:  PPTC won the women's overall; 5 PPTC age group winners.
  • Holiday 4M (NYRR), 2009: PPTC women's team took 2nd place; 14 top-ten age group finishers.
  • Jingle Jog 4M (NYRR), 2010: PPTC women’s team took 1st place;  we had 11 top-ten age group finishers, including 4 award winners.
  • Al Gordon (NYRR), 2010: PPTC women's team took 1st place; 12 top-ten age group finishers.
  • Bed Stuy 10k, 2010:  PPTC won the women's overall; 3 PPTC women in the top five overall.
  • Cinco de Mayo 5k, 2010:  PPTC women's team took 1st place AND placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall; men's team took 3rd place; 5 top-three age group finishers.
  • Brooklyn Triple Crown 2010 (combined finishes at the Kenny Dolan 5K, Cosme's Boardwalk 5K and Chris Hoban 5M): 7 age group winners.

While we do well at local races, we can have stronger team representation at NYRR Club Points races and improve our rankings in all divisions.  The NYRR Club Points series will be just one aspect of a focused approach to team participation;  members are equally encouraged to participate in key Brooklyn and other local races where our individual and team talents can shine, including Cinco de Mayo, the Bed Stuy 10k, and the Brooklyn Triple Crown series.   We also have the opportunity to participate in a new Interclub Challenge announced by NYCRuns which just happens to include our very own Cherry Tree 10 Miler.  

To keep key races on the radar, the list of races will be available on the PPTC website, distributed by email announcement, and posted on the forum.  

Here’s some of what we’re working on:

  • brief online survey for members about your racing interests and goals
  • email group for specifics about upcoming races
  • online ‘roll call’ for races
  • organize carpooling to events
  • highlight and celebrate individual and team accomplishments

PPTC is a strong and diverse team with talented men and women who win races, age group awards, and team events.  By focusing on key team races, PPTC members of all abilities and in all age groups can meet individual goals while having fun, increasing club presence, and spreading the word that PPTC is the best club in the borough and beyond.

Stay tuned for more details.  And email your comments, suggestions and questions to Lynda and Tom at team@pptc.org.


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