Scotland 10k Race Recap

Saturday proved to be a great day for racing. Whether you PR'd, came close, or simply went out to show some Scottish pride, PPTC came out strong, kilts and all!

Nearly 8,000 runners showed up for the 10th Anniversary of the Scotland Run. Props to everyone who braved a rather chilly April morning to bang out the 10k race.

Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, was amongst the notable spectators, celebrating his country and the NYC running community.

Many thanks to the PPTC cheering squad, over on West 66th--always encouraging to see the team banner, as it gives you something to look forward to around the halfway point.

PPTC demonstrated strong team results, as 71 total registered team members completed the 6.2-- some being top age group finishers, while others PR'd, and a few, in kilts to boot!

Team Results:

Open Men: Keith Williams, Gary Wang, Aaron Wilson, Thomas Greene, George Feely: 13th

Open Women: Marianne van Ooij, Rebecca Weber, Tina-Marie Lohela (Rosenberg), Nicole Importico, Susie Teal: 11th

Men 40+: Aaron Wilson, Thomas Greene, George Feely:12th

Women 40+: Marianne van Ooij, Maggie Deschamps, Selina Rutovitz: 4th

Men 50+: Anthony Watson, Cezary Klosinski, Mark McSherry: 14th

Women 50+: Barbara Rothenberg, Charlene Kohler-Britton; Janet Gottlieb: 14th

Women 60+: Barbara Rothenberg, Charlene Kohler-britton, Rosa Nales: 7th

Many of you also reported PRs, including: Gerard Luna, Selina Rutovitz, Susie Teal, Evan Oakley, Kamen Yotov

Congratulations to all for an all-around great race.

In the comments below, let us know how you did!

Lauren Key