Spring Has Sprung the PPTC Social Committee

Today marks the first day of spring; a time when new life begins to blossom all around us. The weather gets warmer, the running clothes get lighter, nature awakes from its slumber... and PPTC gets a Social Committee! That's right! A whole committee dedicated to hosting a plethora of fun social events and activities. Being that there is such a strong social element in the running community, we plan to organize outings that provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for just that. Our first PPTC meetup after the NYC Half at 61 Local was a huge success! We celebrated with new members, veteran members, members who ran or volunteered that morning, and members that just came to hang out with the team. Everyone had a great time and we're looking forward to seeing YOU at the next event.

"So what events can I look forward to in the future?", I hear you say. Glad you asked! We plan to host post-race meetups after target races including NYRR points races, Brooklyn Triple Crown races and most "home turf" (Prospect Park) races. The next race on our agenda is the Scotland Run 10k on April 6, so mark your calendars! We will also have a quarterly New Members Group Run, led by the lovely Susie Teal. The group run is designed to encourage our new members to come out and enjoy a fun day of running with the team - more info to come! We also have plans for fun destination group runs, team outings, a summer BBQ at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Al Goldstein post-race meetups, and plenty of other fun events sprinkled into the mix, not to mention the return of the Friday Fireworks Group Run (FGR) this summer! Event details will be posted on just about every social media outlet we can get our hands on, so be sure to check back for all upcoming outings.

Get those fancy Spring clothes out of storage and get ready to celebrate your love for running with Brooklyn's best running team! Go PPTC!

Jess Yeomans Social Committee, Chair

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Social Committee, please email social@pptc.org

Jess Yeomans