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Bruce WilkWe've all seen the calls for recovery advice on the PPTC Google Group that lead to dozens of responses ranging from the practical to the experimental. We have exciting news: Bruce R. Wilk, P.T., O.C.S., author of The Running Injury Recovery Program, has offered to answer any and all injury-related questions!

Are you nursing an injury? Hoping to avoid one? Curious about your anatomy? Submit your question in the comments below by Sunday, March 24. Bruce will respond in a separate post to follow.

The press release for the book is below.



The Running Injury Recovery Program by Bruce R. Wilk PT, OCS

Runners who have suffered with trial-and-error treatments or have given up on running can now follow a revolutionary new treatment program that will show them how to fix their own running injuries and become a stronger and healthier runner.

Miami, FL, March 19, 2013 – Until today, no one has been able to show injured runners a clear and effective way to return to the sport they love. In The Running Injury Recovery Program and the accompanying WORKBOOK, physical therapist and running expert Bruce Wilk has created the very first recovery program that runners can use to treat their own running injuries and become better runners.

It is surprising to learn that medical professionals, physical therapists and coaches have no established methods to treat running injuries – most rely on generic treatments or trial-and-error. Wilk tells runners to “Fix your own running injuries now!” Wilk explains why runners’ injuries are different from nonrunners, and says that it’s time for runners themselves to take charge and learn to treat their own running injuries the right way! In his two new books, Wilk provides a clear and detailed recovery program that is like no other, with a step-by-step Course Map, exercises that are specific the runner’s particular injury, and Checkpoints that tell the runner when to move ahead and when to wait.

Each day, thousands of injured runners are frustrated by repeated injuries and a lack of effective treatment. For all injured runners and the medical professionals, coaches, and families who care for them, this book provides the only real and lasting solution.

The Running Injury Recovery Program and The Running Injury Recovery Program WORKBOOK, along with additional support and information, are available on Wilk’s website Wilk’s books are also available on

About the Author:  Bruce R. Wilk, PT, OCS is not only a physical therapist who specializes in treating injured runners – he is also an Ironman triathlete, certified running coach, and owner of a running specialty store in Miami called The Runner’s High. Wilk’s unique combination of experience and knowledge keeps him busy as a lecturer for running associations, professional organizations, and the military; and he frequently appears on network TV as an acclaimed expert on running health and safety. 

For more information about The Running Injury Recovery Program and The Running Injury Recovery Program WORKBOOK, please visit or contact Rachel Wilk at 786-493-9256.

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