Standing Room Only at April PPTC Meeting

The room was packed at the April 6th PPTC meeting. From the election results to NYRR CEO and President Mary Wittenberg, the agenda was full. Mary and her team took the floor after introductions by President Tom Meany and spoke for more than an hour. She covered a wide range of topics, many of which addressed questions that had been submitted previously by members. Here are some of the highlights:

• The date for the Brooklyn Half was to be confirmed at a meeting NYRR was having with city officials the following morning. Subsequently, Mary notified clubs that May 30th HAS been confirmed as the date for the Brooklyn Half. The plan is to reverse the course to start in Prospect Park and run towards Coney Island. Due to the condition of the boardwalk, only part of it is safe for running so more mileage than NYRR would like will need to be run in Prospect Park. (How many remember when the Brooklyn Half was four laps of Prospect Park?)

• In response to the suggestion that NYRR races start in the southern end of Central Park, closer to more mass transportation options, Mary responded that the Parks Department requires them to start as many races as possible in the northern of the Park where the bulk of runners would cause the least amount of interference to other Park users.

• When asked about it, Mary stated flatly that they had made a mistake and apologized for scheduling the Al Gordon race the day before our Cherry Tree. It was their understanding that no race was scheduled for that day. Their intention is to better coordinate with local clubs now that NYRR will be bringing races into the outer boroughs.

• On that subject, no plans have been finalized for specific races but taking races outside of Central Park is definitely in the NYRR plans.

• One way to reduce congestion at race starts would be to run men and women separately, which brought a mixed reaction.

• Having an inside location after winter races was discussed. There was no promise but, given the enthusiasm a number of members showed for the past practice to be reinstated, there was an indication that it would be considered.

President Tom Meany followed up with Mary to extend a standing invitation to return to speak to the members.