THE 2009 PPTC PICNIC Richard Weaver


Richard Weaver

The PPTC picnic on Saturday June 27th was a wonderful fun-filled success that was possible, in part, by the volunteers who were there early to set up tables and ice the water and soda. So, so a tip of the hat to Anne Perzeszty, Julio Zavala, Pat and Tom Meany, Lila and Michael Rieman and Kathleen Weaver. Doug Olney registered the relay runners, announced the teams and was finish line director, assisted by Julio and Lennie Nemerovsky.

Following the adult relay race, Maggie Deschamps and Michael Ring organized a peewee race for the children. The children ran once around the Oriental Pavilion
and they proudly wore the medals they won.

After the race, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous buffet consisting of three five-foot heroes and delicious foods, salads and desserts provided by the PPTC members.

Then came the talent show! Amy Duquette mesmerized the crowd with her winged tap dancing feet, Gil Torres treated us with his very clever mime and juggling act followed by Charlene Britton-Kohler’s beautiful rendition of a song she had composed about runners. Charlene also brought song books and led a sing-along with children and adults. Not to be outdone by the adults, two young ladies provided additional entertainment, namely Zoe Prawda who juggled and Emma Pesin who played the violin for the enjoyment of all.

There were ten running teams and one speed walking team. The walking team consisted of Tom Meany, Lila Rieman and Al Goldstein, all of whom did really well but they are not quite ready to take on Paul Soskind as being the premier PPTC racewalker.

The winning relay team was comprised of Al Prawda, Frank DeLeo and Gary Wang with an outstanding time of 36 minutes 13 seconds. Coach Tony Watson had the fastest time for a male runner, 10 minutes 29 seconds. Helen Dole set a new course record for females in a time of 10 minutes 58 seconds, breaking the existing record of Regina Cahill (who was there to watch and run the relay). This course record lasted about 20 minutes as Sarah Scott finished in a time of 10 minutes 50 seconds. A fitting end to a most enjoyable picnic.