The Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series, presented by JackRabbit

That is a big title, but it is not such a big event.

There are simple thing you should know

1. It may be hard to believe, but summer is coming.

2. Al Goldstein will be there.

3. This event has been going on since before people had digital watches, but we have a big digital clock now.

4. Races are every other Wednesday starting May 25 then June 8th and 22nd, July 6th, 20th,August 3rd and August 17th (ALSO August 31!)

5. Registration starts at 6:30 pm at the Oriental Pavilion. (This is near where the ice-skating rink used to be) The race will start about 7:15. Prospect Park closed to cars at 7:00 but we want to make sure the road is clear.

6. Race starts after the Parks Dept closes the roadway of cars; $5: cash. No Tshirts.

7. You don’t have to be fast, but these races will help you find out how fast you
can be.

8. You don’t have to run to have fun. Volunteers needed

9. PPTC members who are in Coach Tony's speed training group race for free.

10. Advance Registration is available for the entire race series for only $30. Click
here and save $5. You can go here to pay for the rest of the races or Just show up with $5.

11. We have a place to stash your bag.

12. Awards will be given to those who finish the most races at the end of the

13. The B/Q Train is really close. Get off at Prospect Park and walk into the Park at Lincoln Rd.

14. We race rain or shine. Thunder and Lightning not so much. The decision to cancel will be made from the park at the start of the race. We don't cancel the race because of a forecast.


Tell your friends, but tell them not to tell their friends. We don’t want this too get to big.

The results of the May 25th race can be found here
The results of the June 8th race can be found here.
The results of the June 22nd race can be found here.
The results of the July 6th race can be found here.
The results of the July 20th race can be found here.
August 3rd was a fun run because of rain. (We have a new plan to make this work rain or shine, next time.)
The results of the August 17th race can be found here
The results of the August 31th race can be found here