The future of the newsletter.

First the good news – If you want to keep receiving a printed edition of “Around the Park” you can. Forever. All you need to do is call the club phone (718-595-2049) and say “I want to keep getting the Newsletter. Or you can send a note to PPTC PO Box 150658, Brooklyn NY 11215. Or you can come to a general meeting and tell me, Michael Ring, that you want to keep getting the newsletter in the mail. Just do this before January 2, 2010.

Only more good news - If you do not want to get any more Just send an email to and I will reply with instructions on how you can subscribe to the PPTC Blog, www. The Blog will contain the each article in the newsletter (and more) in an interactive format. You can also view and download the entire newsletter from our website,

A review: If you want to continue to get the newsletter in the mail let me know anytime before the end of the year and you will. If you want to stop getting it in the mail now, email me and it will stop. This means that if I do not hear from you by the end of 2009, you will no longer get a paper newsletter mailed to you