The Inside Loop – July 2015

As Transportation Alternatives readily admits, Mike Ring was a key player in the successful movement to get cars out of Prospect Park. Starting early July, soon after the July 4th weekend, cars will not be allowed on the inside loop roadway from Grand Army Plaza counterclockwise to Park Circle at any time. For your efforts Michael, we applaud you! Bravo and well donel! Let's keep PPTC's healing thoughts in our prayers for one of our members who started rounds of chemo on Monday June 22.

The Inside LoopPPTC's runners took home age group hardware in addition to consuming lots of hamburgers, hotdogs and beer at the post race party at this year's Kenny Dolan 5K. One of the best post race parties ever. Age group awards have already been posted but there seems to be some delays with the awards for most beers consumed. Stay tuned race fans. If you missed it this year, shame shame but get there in 2016.

Achilles International 's Brooklyn Chapter has been meeting at Jack Rabbit on 7th Ave. at 6pm Thursday nights. After some schmoozing, we proceed west along 7th Ave to 3rd street and then up to our park's inside loop roadway for psyching, stretching, and then the start of lots of things good heading west on the inside loop roadway. PPTC members Tom Byrnes, Andy Wong, Regina Chan, and Kristin Ulrich among others have hooked up and can share their experiences. Led by Achilles Brooklyn's President and CE (Cheerleader Extraordinaire) Nicoletta Nerangis, Achilles Brooklyn was there both on the road, in the photographs, as well as at the post-race party at early June's Kenny Dolan 5k. The latest plans even call for a show of their force at the July 2nd's Summer Speed 5k! Achilles Brooklyn will meet throughout the summer, so if you're available and want to guide an Achilles athlete on his or her workout or perhaps meet Alexa or Arrow up close and personal, don't wait for ''Achilles Brooklyn: The Movie '', check out the pics on their Facebook page and come on down!

''A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.'' Yes, the tree that was planted in memory of PPTC's Bobby Fisher is still growing strong! A few yards up the slope from the finish of the Summer Speed 5k, seek and ye shall find. A bench with a plaque soon to come I'm told. We ll never forget you Bobby Fisher.

As PPTC's founding father Harry Murphy used to say and say, and say, the foundations of the fall marathons are built on the backs of those long hot summer miles. The miles are there, go get some!

Thanks to PPTC's Ilese Weiner, Paula Vandenes, and Nicole Importico for hooking up with USADA and their drug-testing efforts at the Oakley 10k in Central Park in June. Janice Fuld was also on call in case of a last minute emergency. Belated thanks to PPTC's Wayne Bailey and May Yu Shu (Mayo) for their help at the Healthy Kidney 10K on May 30th in Central Park!!! I heard through the grapevine that PPTC also does some serious damage at the post race brunches!

Great to see that Mike Ring is spending more and more time up and out of his wheelchair, up close and personal with his walker and on his fee. Looking for a fall long race? Check out Suffolk County's Half and Marathon mid September out east. PPTC's Detective Nick Guerrero is training for this one!

Did you hook up with Coach Tony Watson and Charlene in their current ten week training go round? Can't beat the price, $50, nor the company so hey, what are you waiting for. Miss this one? Make sure you catch the next one.

Have you done one of the Summer Speed 5k's yet? Hey, no getting up in the middle of the night to hook up with so and so on the subway platform to get to the start in Central Park shortly after dawn. Starting at Lakeside (the park's ice skating rink) and at the price on the cheap of $5 (registering on line at NYC Runs), you can sleep all day, roll out of bed at 5pm, a quick coffee, and then jog to the start to pick up your bib for the 7pm start. I mean, isn't that what everyone does? Now how can you beat that!!!!

Ian Grey continues to thank PPTC for our contributions of running shoes and clothing for his use with running groups in Belize, youth, male, female, any and all ages. With the recent change of hands with JackRabbit, word is that that business is no longer accepting our contributions. He recently stopped by for a pickup of the donated shoes and clothing that I had been storing. Don't dump your shoes, send 'em on a recycle-ation to the beautiful country of Belize where he assures us all they will spend the rest of their days being put to the best of uses by those in need. Got shoes that still have more life but for whatever the reasons you no longer wish to wear or use, get in touch and we 'll work out the details. Thank you!

Be sun-safe boys and girls and c u on the roads!

Tom Byrnes