The Inside Loop: June 2013

Having trained for this event for many many years, PPTC's Simon Ressner will pick up the pace this June by accepting and celebrating his promotion to Captain with the FDNY. PPTC's congrats to Simon and his wife Moy Pang and family! So if you’re getting old and the number of candles on your birthday cake is causing fire safety concerns with the smoke alarms possibly going off in the midst of your party, now we know whom to call!!!! Thanks to Janice Fuld for the shout out about PPTC's 156 finishers at May's Brooklyn Half May 18th. And that doesn't count the PPTC-ers who were out there cheering, volunteering, or, due to NYRR's errors, were registered as "unattached".

Lynda Mules had to give a shout out to Jason Horowitz and Ed Gorman for waking up early, driving to Coney Island, and setting up PPTC's picnic! ""You guys rock!"" Thanks also to everyone who made and contributed food. Great turnout -- lots of PPTC'ers and their friends/family stopped by and enjoyed a bite or a drink, but it seems that we were all unprepared for the chilly temps and drizzle, and, alas, our picnic ended early. Hope everyone had a good time! No nude swims reported although…

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's that PPTCer on the YouTube wall. None other than PPTC Board of Director Keith Williams who gave his up close and personal comments on the Brooklyn Half on ABC News Brooklyn Half Recap piece. Great comments, great pics, but as many are wondering if he'll ''quit the day job… "

Cartoon by Linus Ly Cartoon by Linus Ly - click to enlarge

And speaking of Keith Williams, hope as many of us as possible responded to his call for donating school supplies to the Betasab Global Family Initiative for their transporting and delivery to needy school children in Ethiopia. For more info about what you, your family, and friends can gather to donate, visit Betasab's website.

Thanks to PPTC vet and Sebago Canoe Club member Denis Sivack for extending the SCC invitation to Sebago's Open House on Saturday, May 18 to PPTC members. This was a chance for PPTC members and friends to see the facilities and get out on the waters of Jamaica Bay in a canoe or a kayak. If you missed this opportunity just remember that from Memorial Day until Labor Day you will also have a chance to go on SCC’s Open Paddles on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. More Open House details can be found on the SCC website.

Some PPTC members have even thought of a long group run to the Sebago facility and then car servicing it back to the hood. Others are still trying to determine how they might get their rubber duckies back to Bartel Pritchard if and when they do hook up at Sebago since these select few don’t go in tubs or near the water without them.

Keith Williams