PPTC extends our deepest sympathies to Al Goldstein and family on the death of Norma Rodriguez. Please keep Norma and her children and family in your thoughts and prayers.

At September’s general meeting there were questions from members about hooking up for rides to races, finding out about local races, and even the ‘’last ten miles of the marathon’‘ PPTC run the week before. Seems to many of us that if we use the PPTC open forum group and post what we want more info about, there’s someone sitting at their desk (who probably should be working instead) who will make the sacrifice and respond. Although not originally part of Obama’s economic recovery plan, the PPTC Open Forum Group site does provide PPTCers with the inspiration and motivation to make it through the rest of the work day and abandon plans to take this job and shove it . This is as interactive as PPTC gets these days, so hey, "" read ‘em and weep !" ( if you missed out because you don’t use PPTC Open Forum )

Tom Byrnes, Bobby Fisher, and Joanne and Mark Guralnick were off and biking at September’s NYC Century on Sunday September 13th. with Bobby completing the full century and Tom, Joanne, and Mark logging less. Joann and Mark actually volunteered and stayed at the Triborough Bridge area . Some PPTCers who regularly bike as part of their cross-training passed claiming that the ride was too close to Thanksgiving and would affect their energy levels for preparing the Thanksgiving dinner or doing some early Christmas shopping or some other invalid excuse.......

The PPTC betting pool for when the YMCA’s facilities at 15th street Armory will actually see the light of day continues to fill up as friends and members alike continue to wonder, hope, and pray that someday, somehow, this indoor track in our own hood will open ! Next up, after wondering just when it will open, is just how much the Y will charge members alike to use the place. Down the road will be another wagering opportunity for the completion date of the new pool facility behind the YMCA building on the 8th street side. The construction start date for that project was supposed to be this past September 1st but so far, as of mid-September, not a shovel of sand has been moved.

Congrats to ‘’No Sleep Till Brooklyn’‘, one of the PPTC-sponsored teams at the Reach the Beach 207 mile team relay race the third weekend in September .- they won the women's open division, averaging 8 minutes a mile for the 207-mile relay race!! The other PPTC-sponsored team, Better on the Way Down, broke 30 hours and had a blast. Conditions were great for the race - little bit of rain in the early going , but clear skies at night and not too cold.
The race started on Friday, September 18th at Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and finished on Saturday, September 19th at Hampton Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.Along the way our runners passed by NH's tallest mountain and largest lake and encountered many, many miles of scenic, rolling hills! Krishna even got to get some NH rain on his head!Look for Amy D's full article, complete with pics, about this adventure in the centerfold !

Thanks to PPTC’s Natacha Ferrari and twin sister Sandy volunteered with USADA for drug testing athletes at the Fifth Avenue Mile races Saturday September 26th. Check the race results section of this newsletter to see how PPTC runners performed on the Fifth Avenue strip , PPTC makes it happen!

Sorry to learn of Jessica Kavoulakis’ achilles injury putting her out of this year’s NYC. Jessica did the great job of co-directing Turkey Trot ‘08. Evelyn Deliz's knee problems have been keeping her walking instead of running but she still loves getting out on the roads.

Bobby Fisher completed the 75 mile Twin Lights ride in Monmouth New Jersey on Saturday the 26th of September. Not a ride for those who get seasick since believe it or not since getting to the start involved a ferry ride from the South Street Seaport to Monmouth New Jersey which could’ve made the weak of stomach inclined to recycle whatever hadn’t been digested from the night before’s dinner.

The weekend of September 26th found PPTCers all over, the Fifth Ave Mile, Music That Heals, The Tunnel to Tower 5k, The Twin Lights Bike Tour ! PPTC race results has ‘em!

PPTC’s NYC marathon venue is up and running! Check the emails for all the details about who’s running and who’s not, the ‘Last Ten’ run the week before, the pasta party at Buckley’s midweek, the PPTC busses to the start, the post race get together at ‘’the school’, and the moaning and groaning session at PPTC’s monthly general meeting the next day .

And speaking of what’s coming up soon, the TT 09 , ( Turkey Trot) , is almost here . Pay attention to the PPTC News so as not to miss a gobble gobble about it!

See you on the roads!
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