The Turkey Trot had two Race Directors, so we have two articles

TURKEY TROT 2010 by Anne Perzeszty
“Best yet” were the words around the Oriental Pavilion by the more than 2000 runners who ran this year’s Turkey Trot 5M race.  One woman rated it, “a perfect race.”  Of course, those of us involved in its planning and execution know that was a generous assessment but we certainly were pleased with the outcome.
While much was the result of past experience, 2010 brought with it some changes.   Pre-registration started on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the newest Jack Rabbit store.  Most of the business we did was in people picking up their numbers, having registered online or by mail.  Many mentioned how glad they were for the opportunity to pick up their numbers at that location.  We were happy to see them as that meant they were good to go on race day and the crowd at the registration tables in the park would be reduced.
Another change was moving from the skating rink to the Audubon Center for race day registration because of the construction in the park.   Construction will continue through next year.  From the perspective of the registration crew, that’s OK because, in a word, the Audubon Center “worked.”  We did not have the lineup of people clamoring to register that we have had in some past years so the anxiety level was reduced.  People had taken advantage of the lower price of pre-registration and avoided the race day crush.
To all the registration volunteers at the three Jack Rabbit locations and at the Audubon Center, kudos for a job well done.  With Doug Olney and Veronica Antoine acting as the go-to people, problems were solved calmly and efficiently and runners were on their way to toe the start line in time to hear the starting horn.  Then we exhaled!
We want to take a moment to thank the race sponsors.  Jack Rabbit Sports again was the presenting sponsor and was instrumental in spreading the word about the race through their network of contacts – and we watched the numbers grow!  New York Methodist Hospital returned again this year as a contributing sponsor and the race numbers proudly worn by the more than 2000 finishers carried their logo.  We are grateful for the significant contribution made by LaBagel Delight in donating all the bagels and Bishop Ford for arranging for the donation of the gallons of water we needed and 10,000 cups for the race.   Team in Training offered volunteers at registration and on race day who helped in a number of areas and promoted their training programs. 
Now it is time to start planning for Turkey Trot 2011.  Mark your calendars for November 24th when we get to do  it all over again.
TURKEY TROT 2010 By Tom Meany
The response I heard from most of you was: “I felt so proud to be part of PPTC at the Turkey Trot.” This was from runners, volunteers, and both! I agree it was a great feeling to be there and be a part of a great event!
Last year we had 1,300 finishers, this year we had over 2,000. We had over 80 volunteers including Ford track team kids, alumni, and our own Club members. We served 1,200 bagels, 20 cases of apples & oranges, 10,000 cups of 128 gallons of water, and gave out over 2,000 medals to each finisher.
This year’s preparation included planned involvement of the 78th Pct. , and the Park’s Special Events department. We capped the race for 2,500 runners, but were prepared to handle 3,000 if necessary. There was no parking or cars in the Park, but it seemed to work out well.
The weather cooperated in true Thanksgiving Fall crispness. Due to the
skating rink closure we had a new registration are in the boathouse. The course remained the same as last year due to the Wellhouse Drive roadway renovation.
This was our 8th annual Turkey Trot and we critique each race thoroughly in preparation for the next and our 12 month planning continues to pay off in outstanding results, but there are always lessons to be learned.
Our survey of participants indicates that the race continues to grow by word of mouth. We put on a runner friendly race for runners, by a great running Club.
In order to continue to work at being the best at putting on quality races we value your feedback. Don’t hold back tell us how you really feel! I receive and respond to contact PPTC. Messages.
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