The Turkey Trot on the Blogosphere (Update XVII)

The official counts are not in yet but the race reviews are rolling in.  Here is a summary

Richard from Dumbo Books of Brooklyn  took many photos and correctly quoted Santa shouting "Way to go"!

To Badwater blasted out a 30:40 and learned not to take water on such a short race.  Thaw was last years race.

Check out pixonony's photosream. on Flikr  Looks like someone got a personal best! and a great flickr photo of the start from ceonyc

Julie knows why we have Turkey Trots "like knocking out a morning run in preparation for eating a huge meal.

Along came Polly was looking for an adult to sign her waiver.  I hope she got one.

The Brooklyn Beast ran with his kids.  Why does he think that is not running?

Brooklyn Running hopes everyone had a good time.  I hope s/he did.

We are waiting for some reviews in Runner's World

Tony Martinez posted this photo of the start and these pictures of kids for Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.

Morrissey of Mozzer Confessionals had a PR, and was supprised by it!

We have are own Facebook Fan club: I Run to Eat: 2009 Prospect Park Turkey Trot Victims

Our own One Runner kept it positive.

Kat on Track burned some calories.

I like what NYCGO said to promote the race.  I will quote the whole thing....

On Thanksgiving, a day usually associated with colossal feats of gourmandization and tryptophan-induced naptime, the Prospect Park Track Club invites you to roll out of bed and run five miles at 9am. In return for their efforts, participants burn off some calories in advance of the big meal and help raise funds for the Bishop Ford track teams.

Dennis Kuczynski  shows off some medals and a nice dinner.

Charlie Pendejo had a "PR by over a minute."

Lela from a Diamond in a Rhinestone world liked the race because it was "great and rare race in that there was little sense of competitiveness or urgency in the air."  Yea!

The Birders of Prospect Park even counted us!

shif whiteman  in Around these footsteps ran with her friend Shavit and got swanky medals!

ChadT of Brooklynrunning's Blog had negative experience at race registration but negative splits in the race.  

Bill Boyd came all the way from Central New York state and said some wonderful things

"Once the race ended, all of us runners continued through the shute after having the chips removed from our shoes and headed for the Prospect Park Pavillion. Awaiting us were Brooklyn bagels, coffee, and hot chocolate. A bagel and hot chocolate never tasted so good. Oh, the prospect park Track Club gave us all a running cap to commemorate the run, running gloves, and a gold medal. Even after being delayed by that girl, I still pulled of a victory, i finished and felt good, and earned a GOLD MEDAL with a picture of a turkey. Oh yeah. You gotta love it. I can’t wait until next year."

The Downtown Star had a great article with photos!!

Ayobami had a good time but I think she miscounted our hills

We even got a tweet

and we are in another Flikr Pool

Citi Coach at needed proof that she ran there race.  We this can be it.

and I just found Hog and Jog's race review! " It was awesome."

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