What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me.

What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me.

By Michael Ring
I am very proud to be Race Director of the Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series.  But I got a problem with the name.
First of all “Al Goldstein”; to quote Al “I am not dead.”  He sure isn’t.  He has been at almost every race since anyone can remember.  He also gets to kiss all the girls that medal.  I am jealous, (of the girls, I want a kiss too.)
“Summer”;   the series starts in May.  But that is no biggie.
But, finally, I have a big problem with “Speed”.   Yes it is a race and races are about speed.  But, I have been told that “speed” can be an intimidating word, they feel they won’t belong their because they are not speedy.  Listen, speed is relative.  You don’t have to be “speedy” to enjoy this race series.  Ya just gotta run as fast as you can.  And anyway, we give out so many medals to such a small filed of racers almost everybody gets one.
One more thing; if you can’t run the race, you can help me run the race.  We need people to help with starting and finishing the race, as well as people who want to help score the race.  It is just as much fun as running.  It is also a nice was you get your non-running spouse involved in your “hobby”.
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