What you should know even if you are not me.

What you should know even if you are not me.

Michael Ring

News from the Communications / Technology Committee

I would like to document the different modes of communication the Prospect Park Track Club uses. Since I am on both committees I figured I would let you know what I know.

  • We have a newsletter; “Around the Park”. It is made of paper and is mailed monthly. Any member can submit an article and it may be edited (with their involvement) for grammar or content. It also contains recent race results and lists which businesses give discounts to our members. Don’t forget, we are trying to save trees and stamps, so if you still want it mailed to you let me know.
  • We use iContact to notify members of official announcements, via email
  • We have a website. Check it out. www.pptc.org.
  • We have a Blog; “www.pptcblog.blogspot.com”. It contains online versions of all of the newsletter articles and more. Blogs are interactive; readers may leave comments on all “Blog entries”. In our case comments are moderated because this is a “public Blog”. Anyone can read it, but we want to avoid “spam” and other ugliness.
  • We have a Google group; this is vehicle for an Open Communication Forum by the members, and for the members. This group is not for official messages from PPTC, but for members to voice their opinions or concerns, post comments, connect with other runners, start a topic for discussion, or share new ideas that the entire PPTC membership can benefit. It can also be used to share “documents” like photos of our members. It is not “moderated” and can only be accessed by members of the club.
  • We have a “club phone” 718-595-2049. It is just an answering machine. You can call it anytime to find out information about the club; you can leave a message or just listen to Ami’s voice.
  • We have a membership meeting on the first Monday of each month (except for those months when a holiday falls on that date, such as September when Labor Day falls on the first Monday). The location is MetroSports Med, 263 7th Avenue, between 5th and 6th Streets. We’re on the second floor and there are refreshments.
  • Just in; we have a Flickr Pool. Got to flickr.com/groups/pptc_photos and upload and/or view PPTC related photos. This is public so keep it nice. Also, do not post the photo of anyone under the age of 18 without the parents’ permission.

I hope this information was helpful. It is all about interacting!

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