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Shore Road Plogging

  • NY, 11215 United States (map)

PPTC is joining forces with Plogging NYC for a plogging* adventure along Shore Road! We'll meet at 1pm on Sunday, September 23 at Bartel-Pritchard Square to do a regular (no trash...yet) 4-mile run down to Shore Road in Bay Ridge. Alternately, meet us at the Bay Ridge Av stop on the R line at 2pm if you don't want to do those first miles. Once we get to Bay Ridge we'll distribute plastic bags and gloves, and we'll plog our way along Shore Road down to Coney Island (approximately 7 miles). Optional beers/other Coney Island refreshments at the end. After we wash our hands.

Plogging is pretty fun. It's a change of pace (slow jog with lots of stop/start and lateral movement plus squatting to grab trash). Even better, you get to do a little bit for the environment. 

If you have gardening gloves or medical-style gloves, bring them along. Also bring a few plastic bags if you can. For both of these, the run leaders will have spares. Keep in mind that there's not much water available along the route. Those of us doing the full run (starting at Bartel-Pritchard Square) can stop at Owl's Head Park for water fountains and restrooms right before we get to Shore Road and start plogging.

*Plogging = running and picking up trash. Read more about plogging here: Or check out Plogging NYC's Meetup group here: