Being in the Season by Chris Boutross

Being in the Season

Eating with the seasons is a true way to bring our bodies into alignment with nature.

When we eat the foods of the season we are eating foods that have higher nutrients and more life in them than those that have been shipped from half way around the world in boxes and crates. When our food has more life, we have more life! We really are what we eat.

Nature really has a way of providing just what we need. In the spring we have a never ending supply of tender leafy greens, sprouts, fresh herbs- all to help clean our systems out after a winter of heavy eating.
Summer brings light cooling foods, fresh fruits, broccoli, cucumbers, dandelions ( yes you can eat the greens and they are SO good for you!) And fall, with warming foods starting and so many good sweet root veggies perfect for soups and stews and roasting as we warm up our bodies getting ready for winter.

Winter is perfect for heavier foods, using more whole grains, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.

Keep this in mind this spring when you start seeing all those shiny bright sprouts waving at you this month and give them a try!
Join your local CSA!
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No, not the CIA, the CSA! Community Supported Agriculture! CSA organizations happen when community members buy into a local farm, and purchase a share of their crops for the three growing seasons. This is beneficial in so many ways. It supports local farmers, keeps you eating in season, will probably introduce you to some new foods to try, and most of the time, they are certified organic. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture!

When you join a CSA, you will either pay up front for the season, or pay a monthly fee for your share. Some CSA's ask for some work trade as well. When you get that all settled, you'll pick up your produce at a designated location every week, and go home to chow down some of the freshest tastiest fruits and veggies in the world!
Want to know how to find a CSA near you? It's so easy! Go here:
Plug in your zip code, and pick a CSA that meets your needs!