Club Team Championship August 7!

Club Team Championship August 7!

Where does the time go? Here it is, time to make plans to flaunt your colors and be a part of the NYRR Club Team Championships in Central Park on Saturday, August 7tht, the annual five miler where local teams show off their team pride. The start time for men is 8 a.m. and for women, 9 a.m. It is a double points race in the competition for a position on the leader board among local clubs throughout the five boroughs.

A word of caution, especially for new members who are unfamiliar with the Club Team Championships: this race is for everyone. As an inclusive Club, our strength and pride is in our numbers and we want to have lots of members showing up to run, to cheer, to smile for the team picture. There will be the PPTC after-race buffet of light refreshments and a chance to talk running. Look for the banner. We are usually on the left side of the 102nd St. transverse on the east side of the park. However, the course has not been announced so we are keeping our options open. More information as it becomes available.

If you are driving to the race and have room in your back seat or trunk for food or supplies, please call the Club phone or send an email to You know the old saw – many hands. . .etc., etc.

Here are some more details from the NYRR website:

Only members of established and NYRR-recognized running teams (that’s us!) may enter this race; NYRR membership by itself is not enough to qualify. In addition, entrants must have completed at least one NYRR scored/qualifying race between January 1 and August 7, 2010 for the team for which they will be scoring. Furthermore, if they have competed for another team, you may not have competed for that team until 90 days have lapsed,

Teams for the NYRR Team Championships are comprised of:
• Open: 10 men/5 women (scored by time)
• 40+: 5 men/3 women (scored by time)
• 50+: 3 men/3 women (scored by time)
• 60+: 3 men/3 women (scored by time)

Note: there are no shirts or other souvenirs for this race.

Post Race

Awards will be given in team categories (see above). The only individual award will be the “Nacho” award in memory of José Ignacio Ramirez, given to the first male and female masters finishers.