Interview Valerie Costa "My Solitude" by Paul Soskind

Interview Valerie Costa "My Solitude"

P.S: How did you become a runner?
Valerie: I was always athletic, but I loved running because it could be done alone. I gravitated towards it because by doing it alone I could clear my head, in solitude.
P.S. So why did you join a running club?
Valerie: My running was enhanced by joining PPTC otherwise I would not have competed.  
P.S. Who in the club inspired you to participate in races?
Valerie: Richard Weaver encouraged me to participate more, as well as coach Tony and Charlene who exhorted me to "step it up to the next level" Anne, Maggie and Amy became my cheerleaders!
P'.S: Where are your favorite places to run? Valerie: I love running in the Park, even with the big hill.
P.S. How did your involvement with running change when you retired?
Valerie: Retirement allowed me to put more energy and spirit into it, but my mileage level hasn’t really changed. I do however, now, look forward to reaching the next age group category.
P.S. Do you have any specific goals? Valerie: I would love to run way, way under a ten minute mile pace in a 5k race and stave off the seemingly inevitable slowdown that comes with aging.
P.S. How has your marriage influenced your running?
Valerie: Irwin would do some running but it was my passion, not his. He respects it; he is very supportive. In an adult relationship you enjoy many things as a couple, but should feel free to pursue your own interests while supporting those of your partner; he's a gym rat, I'm a runner. We encourage each other!
P.S I'm glad you have been able to share with us your thoughts, and I know while you may still seek solitude in running. Many of us have had similar feelings. Best of luck as you pursue your passion!
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