The Gotham Girls Roller Derby held their yearly try outs last month. Over 120 women tried out for 8 slots. The first session consisted of 30 minutes of skating, testing skating skills  and speed. Amazingly but certainly not surprisingly , PPTC's Amy Duquette was one of 30 who made it through to the next round. This time, the ladies  had to skate for 2 hours and then  were required  to show all of their roller  derby skills, including contact,falling, and knocking others to the ground. According to Amy " It was the hardest 2 hours of my life, tougher than any race/relay/workout I've ever done. My inner thigh muscles were screaming while I was being knocked all over the place. After the first hour my confidence and pride was shot. Once you lose that it's all over. I NEVER considered dropping out of any race but I had to do everything I could not call it quits. It was the most intense and brutal experience of my life. I left with a bloody lip, bruised hips, thighs and butt and sorely wounded ego. The next day I put on my running sneakers and felt back in my element once again." Don't search  for the U Tube version of Amy's experience, word is that shes already burned the negatives.
Oh sure, while the rest of us were chilling to the bone and digging out  in Brooklyn , ask Majo Tinoco where she spent the last few weeks of December. Hope she packed the SPF 50!
Louie Rios sighting and not on the inside loop!, On the radar along Ocean Parkway and about Ave. T heading back home after his usual 30 miles in the park on Saturday December 18th.
After accompanying his son on the school’s grade six trip to Gettysberg Pennssylvania mid- December and being struck by the beauty and awe of the countryside there, Mike Ring went on line, searched to find a local race closeby, and is now planning to run the first inaugural Gettysberg Marathon in early May 2011.Mike mentioned that the race organizers actually assign your marathon course route according to the state where you live and register from. Mike is curently pondering how the United State of Prospect Park will play out.
Tom Byrnes and Bobby Fisher volunteered at Brooklyn’s Recycle a Bike’s Sweet 16 anniversary fund raising benefit on Wednesday December 15th at the Powerhouse Arena on Main Street in DUMBO. On the volunteering note, Tom Meany and Mike Ring stepped up to a  challenge at the CHIPS Christmas dinner at the CHIPS location  on 4th Ave near Union Street. Word around the inside loop is that Tom and Pat Meany will  soon  be talking to Rich and Kathleen Weaver as well as   Dave Lansner and Carolyn Kubitchek for tips on what  well- dressed grandparents will be wearing in the new year. Seems like there's a whole lot of grannies and grampys running around out there. 
December saw the search for water stops one can refuel at during winter long runs  beginning  in earnest. Carry a water bottle and, as Sarah Scott suggests ,you work your upper arms, memorize the locations of the rare water fountains that are kept on all year long, or bring some pesos and do your part to support the local economy and buy a bottle of something to drink along the route.
Not sure how many miles you logged on your long run through the streets, check out If you can remember the streets and the route you took, you can log on as a guest and use the site for free , dragging the cursor over the map to obtain the number of miles or k’s you travelled. works just as well for bike rides . Sometimes there seem to be glitches for ‘’guests’‘ using the site but with patience, you’ll find out the results you want.

Have you re-upped for another year with PPTC yet?  If you havent received your renewal membership email, let Mike Ring know. 

Have you heard that Gil and Irene Torres's son Chris will soon be appearing as one of the starring artists on the new TV show, NY INK , due to start shooting in early 2011.
 If you want to get a a tattoo on the TV show and startle all your friends and family , send an email to with NY INK in the subject window. Request artist CHRIS TORRES. And remember, these tattoos dont come off in the shower! 

For some, the agenda for 1-1-11 was running at Harry's and then speeding to Coney Island for the Polar Bears dunk in the surf. Who went? Who almost froze?Who still hasnt thawed out? Find out as you schmooze at PPTC's annual awards celebration on Thursday January 20th. Details on line !
I for one was amazed at David Chen's posting on Facebook  ''..ran 5.63 mi on 12/9/2010 at 5 22am , chilly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I' m sure there are other PPTCers who get up and out early, but David sure is in the lead pack. Back in the day I can remember getting up early to join the PPTC pack for some miles on the outside loop before work but I think the only time I ever got up and out that early was when I had made a mistake setting the alarm..
By December's end Tony Watson's Coached Speed sessions at the Park Slope Armory on 15th street will have been half done.   5 workouts down, 5 to go. As they say, whatever doesnt kill you , makes you stronger.
I'm sure you have but just in case you haven't,  get thee to . Maybe its stuff you already know but sometimes there's stuff that's fallen into the far reaches of the mind or  the depths of the memory  blurred by too much holiday egg nogg.   Doesn't hurt to check it out. 

And remember, hills hurt, couches kill ! See you on the run !
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