Interview with Alex Kogut by Paul Soskind

Interview with Alex Kogut

Alex is a 66-year-old former member living in Florida.

P.S.: How did you get started?

Alex: I was working out in Jack LaLanne and some guys said we should augment our lifting with running. I met John Richardson of the Marine Park club, ran with them several times, but joined PPTC, because I knew more people there such as Harry, Walter Brown, Howie Basis, and you.

PS: When were you an active member?

Alex: During the club's heyday. I ran a p.r. of 3:27 at age forty, but I was a fourth echelon guy; ther were at least 20 guys my age under 3:10, another 15 between 2:58 and 2:50, and a core of ten or so in the2:30's to mid 2:40s.

PS: How did you all train back then?

Alex: We would run on Sundays from the park up to Central Park and then return to the Parade Grounds; sometimes we'd throw in a 6 mile loop at Central Park.

PS: What was the hardest workout you remember doing?

Alex: In 1981 we went up to Central Park and ran sevensix mile loops in subfreezing weather without water. We were prepping for the 60 km., which was then held in early March.

PS: So it seems you gravitated to ultras.

Alex: Yeah I wasn’t fast but I was strong and steady.

PS: Give me an example of one of your "not fast" times,

Alex: Well, I did a 4:09 for 50km up at Brattleboro Vermont on a very hilly course, but you Bill McMahon, Roque Pizarro, and Bob Muller were doing it in the 3:30s to3:40s, and the winner ran about 3:00.

PS Are you still running?

Alex: Sadly no. I thought I was indestructible, probably didn’t back off when I should have so now I can only do a couple of very easy miles a week. I do miss it.

PS Thanks for a window into our past.
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