Interview with Mike Rieman, by Paul Soskind

Mike Rieman is a long time PPTC member, board member and past PPTC president  

PS :What motivated you to become club president?

M.R:. John Roselli had to step down and I was the only one willing to take on the responsibilities.

P.S. What were your major challenges?

M.R. The club was losing members; many top runners had stopped competing, or had gone to other more active clubs. I tried to attract new members and make the club more inclusive.

P.S. How did you become a member?

M.R. I had been a once or twice times a week runner, got hooked on the idea of running NYC, and after doing so in 1979,  I began joining some of the PPTC regulars in their early morning loops around the park .Back then , you had to be asked to join. I was honored when  asked  by Monte Davis, and hope all our current members feel the same sense of pride and honor.  

P,S, What were the highs and lows of those years?

M.R. There were no lows, but many highs. Running with the groups taught me pacing and how to adjust my training. After races we would hang out together. People didn't just scatter and go home or wherever. I remember after one especially hot Hispanic Half in August sharing some beers with other PPTCers. I miss those days; we were very together regardless of age or ability levels.

PS Thank you for your thoughts, insights and experience.
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