Paul Soskind
P.S.: Was running your primary sport?
David: My main athletic focus has been Dragon Boat racing.
P.S.: How is it different from running?
David: It involves about two minutes of maximum effort with an incredibly high level of pain thresh-hold.
P.S.: So why did you start to run?
David: I thought running would help me build endurance for boat racing.
P.S.: Did It?
David: Yes, although at first I hated it. I had no real endurance when I started, but since October I've lost 25 pounds and enjoy running very much. I've gotten faster, gained lots of endurance and see it as another sport I can do well in.
P.S.: Well, I know you’re doing great because when we talked at Coogan's Bluff you mentioned you had done an 18 mile training run the day before.
David: Yes, now I have goals in running. They are to get faster and do a marathon.
P.S. What did you think of the Coogan's course?
David: Way more challenging than the Park, but I love challenges.
P.S.: Why did you become a PPTCer?

David: I looked at the programs that several clubs offered and PPTC had two group runs, speed coaching and very supportive people. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging. Thanks to PPTC, I'm calmer, more focused, and less impulsive and have made many new friends. P.S.: Thanks for your very unique story.