Is That Jessica Kavoulakis in the Parade Car?

Yes, it is. And she's waving from Canton, Ohio during the parade for Art Monk's induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.
After serving as race director for the 7/30 Speed Race #6, she packed up and swooshed off to Ohio. Wow, first it was Frank DeLeo, and now Art Monk--that girl's connected.
We hosted the MAC Grand Prix last night, and "the bridges" spanned the awards podium.
Chris O'Brien was back in form as first PPTC overall in 19:33. Emily Sanderson was second woman overall, first female PPTC and first in her age group. Corre Kombol, Al Prawda and Frank DeLeo also took first in their groups.
Anjolie Nagarwalla, visiting with her dad, Neville, will take home a first place souvenir in the 10-14 category. Little sister cheered at the finish from her bike.

If you have a beef about your time, it will have to wait till Jessica gets back next Tuesday. Look, look, she waved again.