Daniel Slotwiner trounces old runner

Daniel's father has been a long time client of mine. When I met Daniel at the speed workouts, I weighted whether to risk losing the business, or run him into the ground.
The second option was more fun, but now he's paying me back and having some fun of his own. Yesterday, he took off on the uphill start, and never looked back, beating me by 11 seconds. He medalled in 4th place among 35-39 men, and was second PPTC overall behind Frank DeLeo with a PR of 22:31. Determined to get back his former speed, he's discovered that less is better when it comes to getting faster. He's laying off the high weekly mileage, and concentrating on more quality workouts with good results.
Last week it was Krishna, this week it was Daniel, thank God there's only one more 5K left in this summer's series.