Team Champs 2008

Troy Phipps led PPTC men in 33:06, and Emily Sanderson led the women in 34:08.
It was beautiful weather for club pictures and running too. Our women took 11th place overall, and the 40-44 took 7th Place in the age group standings.
Noteworthy was Sarah Scott's maiden race w/ PPTC, finishing 3rd among our women. More accostumed to the longer distances, she said of her first 5 miler, "That was hard," as she reached for her inhaler after the finishing kick.

Our top 3, Emily, Maggie and Sarah finished under 34:30, and the next 2, Jimena and Corre came in under 35:30. Way to go, ladies.

Welcome also to new member Tjanysa Clarke, who wasted no time getting a photo opp with club prez, Tom Meany, and Frank DeLeo.

Good to see Olga Kalanz back on our roster again.

Geoff Vincent was not only inadvertently put into the lead corral, much to his chagrin, but his number was reported as his new alias , Tomas Vazquez. Vaya con Dios, Geoff.

My math abilities after running 5 miles were somewhat compromised as I offered that I could drive 5 members back to the Slope. I forgot to count myself, so the group got closer than they cared to on the ride back. Troy Phipps and John Nickles are still trying to straighten out their legs.

Thanks to our volunteers who put together the PPTC welcome table, Anne, Julio, Tom M. and Michael Rieman. Despite our elbow to elbow proximity to the Polish Club's table, rumors of a merger were denied by both sides.

And by the way, our men's team placed 25th (out of 25), and morale remained as high as ever. Krishna ran a PR, I had a strong run and felt rested for a change, Frank was in need of rest from his busy racing this year, Troy was back from vacation and still ran strong, Brad was knocking at 35, and John N. sees his times improving. Our senior ambassadors 60+ also posted good times, anchored by ageless club founder Jack Stetch. An editorial comment about our 25th place: "So?" We are rebuilding, and helping each other improve, and that's what matters. Good job, everybody.