The 2010 Cherry Tree Results, Photos and Blogisphere

The Prospect Park Track Club would like to thank all the participants in the 2010 Cherry Tree 10 Miler and Relay. Results can be found here and corrections or comments can be directed to 

Click here for a slide show.

Race Videos: Race StartBefore Race Interview

For the perspective of a Race Director, click here.  I can't wait till next year.

Lots of chat on the Runner's World Blog

The New York Post did not print my photo (they took it)

I Like Beer and Cheese was a running spouse

Brooklyn Running is gonna collect informations from the blog world (that's my job)

The Dashing Whippits came out in force.

Stephanie kicked ass

The Running Laminator got detoured, sorry.

I am also so sorry we ran out of water when Tracy Finished.  We got more but I know that does not make it better.

Moz enjoyed some "celebratory 32 oz stryofoam cups of bud."at Farrells after the race.  That is a good plan.

Our own Hills are my friends, found that "Getting there early and working registration got me excited to run and also made me much more relaxed when I got to the start – it took the pressure off."   We really appreciated that help!

mgerowitz Garmined the race at 9.9 miles.  Hope not ;(

365 days of science, life, and running through it like our slappy bracelet hand off.  

We made the News in Staten Island!

Steven W. Thinks it went alright, "Considering I was working on little sleep and had 5 drinks last night".  He woulda beat me!

Scott C earned a PR!  He said , "Unfortunately, due to the size of the NYRR events, I'm definitely starting to look elsewhere for my races, and this one was a blast. Great job by Prospect Park Track Club."  We are glad to be there for you Scott.

The Brooklyn Beast conquered.  He sure did.  The day before he ran to and back Central Park to do the Haiti Run.  I am glad he took a shower!

One Runner was glad to be among friends who knew her name.  I did!

Amy in the Moment found some "hard core".  Happy Birthday

Siggy had 2 PRs in 2 Days!  Good for you!!!

4:30 or Bust  was "reminded me of the good ole days when NYRR used to do this for all of the winter races.  Those days are long gone, so this is a great throwback."  That was our plan!

The Jersey City Road and Trail Running Meetup Group crossed the Hudson.  They took some nice pictures.

Front Runner's New York even set up their own results page!  The had 23 relay teams and 22 ten milers.  That is 91 runners!

Running to dinner said it was his biggest news of the week.  We are glad to be there for you!

Run Ride Walk Repeat  enjoyed the entire experience!

Lady Southpaw  did not do everything wright but still had a great race!