The Cherry Tree 10 Mile Run and 3 Person Rely on the Blogisphire (Updated) (again)

This race is getting some serious blogging.

From our members has a new Blog One Runners World She is not so sure if she accomplished any of her goals, but there are some great smiles.

Amy In the Moment turned 30, I am glad to have been part of that!

Hills are my friends added some before and after miles. (That's why I did not see her!).

If you read Brooklyn Running's blog you would not know he was there. He should be proud, he did good.

and Yours truly (ChickenUnderwear) had a great day(really 26.5 hours, that is how long the U-haul was rented for) without running at all.

From outside the club we are getting even more blogging

The NYC Running Blog is keeping track of other bloggers comments on the race (thanks for the help). S/he even posted a video.

Enjoy Patrick Responsibly said his women made him run. (I don't think that is bad thing).

Peanut Butter and Chocolate had a PR. Whoo Hoo!

Uptown Gil was happy to leave Central Park. Well, Welcome to Brooklyn!

Movingdogward ran faster than she thought she would, cool. She also appricites the fact that we did it all without chip timing. Thank You.

We got some great feedback on Runners World Forum. "This was my first PPTC race, but definitely not my last! I was really impressed with the logitics, etc."

Run Asnky Run came alt the way from New Jersey and got some encouragement and broke 1:20. You are welcome!

Potaps took a pass because we ran out of shirts. Sorry we will have them next year.

NYflygirl thoug our hills were evil. :]

The Laminator was supprised at how many of his Flyer teamates came to Brooklyn.

Cowboy Hazel also had a PR. Woo Hoo!!!

Mostly About Running said "Because the race was small in scale, I felt a tight sense of community with the post-race being held in the cafeteria of high-school where there were possibilities to interact with other runners." I love comments like that.

I can't tell how much Mozzer Conffessionals enjoy the running. But he sure like the post race brunch (at Farrells!).

City Coach had their share of speedy runners.

Rundangerously also chose to pass on our race. He ran the Albany Winter Marathon instead. I hope the fact that we ran out of shirts made him run a marathon... in Albany... In February. I thought our race was HARDCORE.

One more find from the Internet. An unknown person who ran the race posted his/her Garmin results. It looks like s/he seriously cut the course on the second lap. I hope this was not an award winner. But even so this satellite aided device tracked his/her wrist for 10.26 miles.

One thing people. Prospect Park is not a mini-Central Park. It is better!
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