TOM BYRNES and Friends

Coach Tony and Charlene pass along their congrats to all the PPTC members who ran and/or helped support the NYRRC Club Championship race Saturday August 8 in Central. Everyone ran their best and did the Club proud. The cheering section, refreshments and good companionship couldn't have been better! Tom Meany echoed similar sentiments the following morning, mentioning that even the kids that were supervised as their parents ran the 5 mile race seemed to enjoy the times.

What cell phones can do! Bobby Fisher checking in from Nova Scotia from the umteenth mile of his Nova Scotia bike tour Saturday August 8th.

Hey, did you know? Did you realize? We’re old and getting older! PPTC’s will be 40 !!! A new age group category! Imagine, the 40th anniversary of PPTC, 1970-2010. The anniversary committee already as been formed and the word at this point is that there’s always room for one more. Got PPTC memorabilia, artifacts, stories in your head, memories in your heart, pictures both of individuals and/or TEAM PPTC, when did you come on board, how long have you been running with PPTC, got any old Nike Waffle Trainers that were once ‘’the’‘ shoes to wear, old bibs from races ‘back in the day’...more to come about this at PPTC monthly meetings and in this newsletter.

Drug testing with USADA at the NYC Half, Wayne Bailey,Tom Byrnes, Natacha Ferrari and PPTC friends Randi Lass, Ric Pascarela, and Mike Potter.Up close and personal talking running, racing, and training with some of the country’s top athletes. Nice way to spend a Sunday morning in August. Interested in hooking up and volunteering with this, give Tom Byrnes a holler.

PPTC friend and former member Al Puma’s death in August brings PPTC sympathies and condolences to his family and friends.

On behalf of many PPTCers and friends, Jason Horowitz sums up the close of this summer’s Summer Speed Series 5K’s by thanking Michael Ring, the race director, the PPTC Board, many PPTC vols, as well as Al Goldstein himself,for continuing to make the summer speed series one of the most enjoyable experiences in competitive running

"The beautiful summer evenings, no hassle - showing up 15 minutes before the race,the comraderie among the runners after the race, supportive volunteers, 'This is what running should always be

about.' " Jason and the rest of us I'm sure are all looking forward to the continuation of this great PPTC tradition come next spring/


Helen Dole certainly had a lot to talk with her students about when

they asked her to write that post vacation 500 words or less composition "‘What I Did on My Summer Vacation" on her first day back at work in her classroom . For the rest of us, it was more a matter of ''will she or wont she ?" Come back to the hood ,that is. A summer in Colorado is tough, hey, someone has to do it. Glad it could be PPTC's Helen Dole.

Hey all you speedoes and speedettes, do you swim? can you swim? Great cross training for runner’s tired and achey bodies and bones. Can you imagine swimming a 6.2 mile race ? Labor Day weekend Sunday September 6th Robert Matson spearheaded a group to hook up with USADA drug testng swimmers at an international 10k swimming competition out and back along the shore of Governor’s Island in lower NYC Harbor. Can't wait until Robert gets talks to talk about this one.

Thanks to Richard Weaver for passing along the news that former PPTC board member Susan Tomasi had surgery to her achilles tendon and had been in a cast for ten weeks just prior to having it removed at the end of August. She had to go to physical therapy and late August found her still unable to put any weight on her foot. We don't have any details of how the injury occurred but the

doctor thinks this merits Susan a better handicap at Harry’s Handicap on New Years day 2010 running. Heal well Susan.

Very early August 23rd, PPTCers Anne Perzeszty, Arthur Gonzalez and Doug Olney headed over to Flushing Meadows Park to compete in the first-ever NYRR Sprint Triathlon. It was worth the trip because all three placed in their age groups! Anne was 1st, Arthur finished 2nd, and Doug came in 3rd. Anne received an additional special recognition for being the oldest competitor. Next stop, Hawaii...........

Where did the summer heat go? Harry Murphy would always remind us that if you paid your dues running and training in July and August, come the cool autumn, you'd find yourself ready to rock and roll at those fall races.

See you out there PPTC!
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