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Hello everyone! The Team Captains are excited to announce our #PickMePPTC contest for team bib entries to the New York City Marathon! We get a small number of bibs to hand out to club members who didn't register through the lottery or 9 +1, and here is your chance to win one of them!

Here are the details: Sometime over the next week, you should make a social media post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and include the hashtag #PickMePPTC. Tell us why YOU deserve to represent the club at the marathon this fall. Please also @ the club's handles as well.

The Captains Committee will review all submissions made by midnight on 08/09/19 and choose their top submissions, and the winners will be drawn at random from that pool of candidates.Winners will be notified by 08/16/19.

Before you apply, please make sure that you are ready and able to commit to running the marathon. While we don't have any requirements on pace, and won't hold it against someone for getting hurt after they win, if you are not able to commit to the training and toeing the line on 11/03/19, please don't take a spot from someone else! Once the bib is assigned it cannot be transferred.